What is HSPA

Before we dive into What is HSPA, I would like to warn you. This is going to be a rather technical definition. So, if you are still interested in learning more about HSPA, tighten up your suspenders and put down your pocket protector.

HSPA is known by a lot of different names. The official name for HSPA is High-Speed Downlink Packet Access, however we commonly refer to it as HSDPA, 3G, and even 3.5G. Before we dive into the question, What is HSPA, let’s take a step back and learn more about this mobile wireless technology.

What is HSPA Backbone

HSPA is the actual backbone that all the different mobile companies like AT&T and T-mobile refer to as 4G. It’s basically the nitty gritty technical side of the way our smartphones transfer data. Technically, it’s a protocol for mobile phones to transfer data. A protocol is defines as a set of rules used to define communication across a medium. The most popular protocol is probably TCP/IP. This is the protocol almost all computer networks use to communicate with other computers and transfer data. The rules HSdPA has setup dictate how our wireless devices transfer data and connect with other computer devices.

What is HSPA

What is HSPA?

Currently there are over 100 HSDPA capable data networks that operate in more than operating in 54 countries around the world. The majority of these networks offer provide speeds around 3.6 Mbps downl and less than 1 Mbps upload. . There are a few providers who offer fast HSDPA speeds a full 14.4 Mbps. The HSDPA is in direct competition with EVDO network like Verizon.

What is HSPA Providers

Providers have figured out a way to increase what is HSPA into a new version of the technogloy called HSPA+. These new increased speeds are around 42 Mbps upload and 84 Mbps download. These numbers are of course based on the ideal situation. Cell phone carriers are sure to limit these speeds once in production. This new HSPA+ is what is commonly referred to as 4G. This of course is what we have heard so much hype about in the media. The great thing about this upgrade to HSPA+ or 4G is that there is no upgrade to the mobile infrastructure. Providers are able to update the HSPA protocol which is software and no hardware upgrade will be needed.

As what is HSPA continues to mature in HSPA+ and future technologies, one this is for sure. No matter how fast mobile providers make service, we will continue to want more and more. With web conferencing application like Skype or Facetime and uploads needs required for high definition video taken from your phone it’s safe to say there is no foreseeable shortage in the demand for more mobile speed.

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